#week 37 of 2020: using your imagination for being a professional scuba diver!

I don’t know you, but who didn’t do a Zoom video chat with their friends, family, colleagues during quarantine time? I’m pretty sure you are a liar if you say no!

One video chat stayed with me when my friend said “Let’s dress up randomly on our next video chat”. We didn’t lose a single minute on planning it.

I am a firm believer of being born clown in a previous life. It took me few seconds to figured out a really good and fun outfit for the next call.

So, here I was waiting impatiently for 6pm to happen on the according day. In order to be sure that the video call would have worked, I first joined the group chat with the camera off. When everything looked out fine, I started to dress up: wearing on my snorkeling gear (mask and the tube) and putting my upper swimsuit on my head as a swimming cap.

And.. then.. I turned on my webcam saying out loud “Hello my dear friends!”.

Blub.. blub.. blub.. scuba diving!

I am not sure what really came out from the tube, but we started to laugh out loud.. we couldn’t stop! At least we found a fun way to kill quarantine’s time, didn’t we?