#week 37 of 2021: become children again

It doesn’t take that long to become a child again, does it? Some of us then remain so all our lives. Old out, young inside.

Although I personally love the warm weather, when it’s winter and it comes snowing, I kind of get lost. As if the snow is drawing me to itself and wanting to embrace me. Some energy I can’t explain (something truly extremely beautiful).

I was finally home when it snowed (all the year it snowed I was always away for work tho unfortunate girl) but not this time! Even if I was tired af, I wanted to drive a friend of mine back home (driving while snowing… awesome! My mom already knew when she didn’t find me back home and the car was not at the parking place) and I ended up stopping at her house.

Since it didn’t stop snowing, we decided to go for a little hike. She even has a dog, so we took Cookie (yeah, do not judge, people have a lot of fantasy when it comes to giving the name to their pet’s animals) with us! He seemed happier than us but I believe we all were ahah!

We started to play with the snow, against each others or directly against Cookie that tried to eat them all. After a while, I just couldn’t hold myself and resist (uff, I know I should stop being so stupid but I cannot hold myself on my motto “Part-time dreamer, full time idiot”) my friend found myself doing the angel in the snow ahahah. She was like “Giorgy where the heck did you go?”

Mwelloooo I’m right here!

We just looked at each others and started to laughed out loud. It was fun still ahah and of course she had to capture me in one of the usual stupid pictures of mine.