#week 38 of 2020: Weird priorities & forgetfulness

I am not able to say no, at least I am easy to convince and change my mind.. only on one thing I am able to complaint.

Are you going out tonight? Oh yes why not! I just have to wake up at 6 am because I have 6 hours motorcycle training tomorrow but it’s alright.

Do you wanna go for a hike on Friday? Oh yes why not! I have 2 hours pole dance training on Thursday evening and I am gonna kill myself. But I don’t mind.

Do you wanna have sushi for dinner? Oh yes why not! Even though I had it already yesterday.

Would you like to go out and smoke shisha tonight? Oh yes why not! I just have to work tomorrow morning at 6 am but it doesn’t matter also if we drink way to much.

Do you have time on Monday? Oh yes of course! Later on I realize that I have something else to do on that day because I confirmed without checking my agenda first.

Let’s go out eating on Monday?
Hell no, OF COURSE NOT! I have pole dance lesson and I DO NOT skip it.

Priorities are priorities.. mine are kind of weirds & I don’t mind being a weirdo!

Here I am, welcome in my life!