#week 39 of 2021: Special Sushi Roll

I like food, I mean who doesn’t? And I mean who doesn’t love sushi? Well, if you don’t you are welcome to leave this page immediately (kidding, I’m not racist about anything.. maybe with sushi I can’t make an exception, I don’t really know.. again I’m kidding).

I usually go to sushi once a month, living nearby boarders of Italy allows us to spare a lot of money since in Switzerland sushi cost an arm and a leg. So well, yes when we can we go to sushi restaurants.

Hello again Corona.. because of you we were not allow to go to Italy for almost 1 year (yeah boarders were closed so we were not allow to leave Switzerland, just if we got the vaccine). BUT in this case we screwed you (Rebels from birth).

Instead of being an All You Can Eat restaurant, you had to order stuff a la cart (at the end, you pay the same price if you order a la cart or ordering all you can eat). So we made the order online via WhatsApp and so we set up a pick up time at the frontier. Little we know we were not the only one taking sushi away lol. Indeed there were at least 20 cars waiting for Sushi. (can you imagine getting at the boarders and there are plenty of cars waiting for sushi? LOL no COVID there lol).

Anyways, we happily got our Sushi, as happy as kids, we drove back home (luckily we just did 20 minutes car ride so the sushi was still warm and yummy as usual).

And look, the restaurant is really excellent! They gave me a special roll that I didn’t even asked for:

Kidding, I just rolled Shalom into the blanket and made her look like a sushi roll LOL. She hates me.