#week 4 of 2021: the beauty of work shifts.

I believe in another life I was born bored af, let me explain you why before you all are jumping on conclusions. After my apprenticeship, I started to looking for unusual job, because the 9/5 was not really for me (how boring working the whole day and having just the night to enjoy the free time?). Indeed I ended up working shifts. It allows me to have such a freedom, having weekend when “usually” people work and having different type of hours (the body is not always happy, but I am and this is what count, right?), but I don’t really mind (I would be happy to hear your opinion out).

Since I am a dispatcher for a train company, the weather plays an important role (if all the train are running on time, out of no where the game can change quickly).

Usually weekends are quite and are not such big problems BUT that Saturday I didn’t know where to bang my head.

One station: so-called flood at one station, no trains could depart or leave;
One track: falling branches on the overhead conctactlines of AC electrical railways, closed line;
Another station: lost power, no trains could drive by;
Several tracks: branches on the railway;

… I mean, what else could ever happen? Well said Giorgy.. at some point a locomotive just blew up and a track in Germany must have shut down.

Yeah, no kidding!

Oh look a plastic panel where I can banging my head! (please, do it as hard as you can so you will loose memory and so on! LOL

Don’t worry, I survived.. otherwise I wouldn’t be able to write down this story and share it with you all AHAH! As usual “Part-time dreamer, full time idiot!”

Share your point of view down in the comments or just leaving a nice note.. thanks ๐Ÿ™‚