#week 4 of 2022: the show goes on

Hello, it is a me COVID-19 again and I’m here because I want you to let you know that I want to ruin the Carnival event this year as well LOL! Well, yeah, you kind of ruined it, but we still made carnival!

What really happened that night? I had dinner with few friends of mine and ended up pretty soon, for some reasons.. I do not remember. Well, I was saying.. so I ended up being at my best friend place and guess what?  Since they cancelled Carnival due to COVID-19, they tried something different for this time.

Indeed our lovely Ticino radio, invented “Carnival via Zoom”, you just needed to connect via Zoom and you will then end up having fun with bunch of others strangers! I mean.. why not? It was a lot of fun tho!

Because it was all improvised, we didn’t have a proper costume to wear. To be honest, nothing at all (noooo we were not naked). Indeed we were ready to go to bed, therefore we were wearing our PJs, no make up (well I do not usually wear it tho) and we had only tiredness which vanished right away when the show went on!

Once into the chat we saw a lot of people with costumes, we looked at each others and started to look around where we could find weird stuff to wear.. here we are… we just ended up staying in PJ and going to bed… KIDDING! Well, about the PJ I was not kidding tho, so.. I was saying, we were wearing PJs and then pair of sunglasses (yeah, no comment, I couldn’t see a thing wearing them) and some post-it on the face.

I know what you are thinking right now… we rocked it even thought we were not prepared at all LOL!