#week 40 of 2021: Homemade Gnocco!

There are some news into my 2021.. I made some changes in my life and one of this is becoming a vegetarian. Indeed I’ve revolutionized my kitchen: removing meat, fish and most of dairy products (I tried to remove all of them but it’s really hard since most of the products are sold with powder milk and so on inside).

The best way of switching in this direction is taking your favorite dishes and changed them into vegetarian way. I started to learn new recipes and then I decided to made some homemade gnocchi which should be easy to do.

So, well.. this is what I read and absolutely did:

  1. Boiled potatoes (leave the peel on, you should be able of removing it after boiled);
  2. Form a flour volcano (make a huge hole in the middle in order to have enough place for the potatoes);
  3. Peeling off potatoes and then smashing them in the flour cone (have fun and watch out not burning out your hands by doing it);
  4. Adding a bit of salt (or whatever else you would like to add into it.. even broccoli, pumpkin or vegetables you like);
  5. Mixing everything together until soft dough is obtained (put as much flour you can, so you might avoid the same mistake I made).

Easy right? At least we got until point 5. So, next step was of creating the real GNOCCHI! Indeed it is what we did: from the dough we made out gnocchi.

We brought the water to a boil, then dumped the gnocchi in. Once they were floating we fished them out and put them in the colander. Than ever we did.. gnocchi became a unique gnocco!

Do you think next time I should put more flavor or should I just giving up on doing gnocchi as I should while I trying doing the Bescamelle? AHAH