#week 41 of 2021: when sliding didn’t go as expected

I had two weeks holidays during Christmas time. I did Christmas at home and then went on holiday with some friends of mine and their dog: Silly !

The parents of my friend has a holiday house in the valley, so they invited me over as well. One day, we decided to do a long, big and difficult hike on the peak of the mountain. As beautiful as it was also pretty exhausting hike (moreover for my friend because she was pregnant at that time.. indeed the next day we were quite exhausted).

After few hours of hiking, I was getting really tired of those fucking descents (well yes, we could have done the whole trek on uphill but we chose of doing it vice versa). I started to thinking of what I could do of easy it up? Mmmh.. hard to tell, until someone pass by us sliding down on a sledge.

So yes, “Part-time dreamer, full time idiot”.. here I am again LOL! Genius Ideas of Giorgy came out of nowhere! (sometimes I am wondering if my brain studies these ideas while I am sleeping)

Well, as said before, since the hike was one whole descent, and at one point I was sick of it. So I decided to slide down for a bit. It didn’t work out well, because I didn’t slip as I expected ahah. Well, it was fun tho and Silly followed me on my failed slide down. (kind of ahah she could have let me die alone on the slide ahah)

AHAH first video taken from the audience point of view… sliding.. sliding.. in my only dreams!

And this is the video taken from my point of view LOL.

See.. how stupidly happy I was and that happy Silly’s running after me.. sorry not sorry guys!