#week 42 of 2020: apparently it wasn’t a jellyfish

Last year, I figured out that a friend of mine had the same passion: scuba diving. I’ve got my scuba diving license when I was 10! Due to that, we went to Egypt in order to make the advance certificate.

On our second dive, we were about to jump into the water when I saw a jellyfish on the surface nearby us.

On our descent, I looked around for the jellyfish, but I couldn’t find it.. until I realized it was right next to me!
I pushed myself as far as I could and scream (Imagine me screaming underwater.. just a bunch of bubble coming out of my mouth). I ended up hitting myself against coral reef. (Damn Giorgy)

Damn Giorgy!

Fun part? I then realized it was a plastic bag and not a jellyfish.