#week 42 of 2021: the stress of moving out !

“Did you take that?” getting a bit confused because I had way too many furniture and couldn’t realize what I’ve already had and what I needed still to buy.

“Let’s go to IKEA!” this was the daily routine since I was a mess and forgetting buying things all the time LOL.

“Yeah, just go quickly to Conforama!” of course, because Ikea and Conforama are nearby, therefore if you go to one you have to go to the other one as well too.

“Have you have a look on Facebook market if you find the same product on lower price?” the market place offers a lot of good used items for little price, I was constantly on that app LOL.

“Where did you left your flatware?” well, yes.. few years ago when I moved out from my own flat, I kept my flatware. Well, I still don’t have them nowadays because I put them all to my grandparent’s holiday house which is it in Italy. Thanks COVID haha yeah, I’m still not allowed to go to Italy and taking my stuff. Yeah.. it kind of sucks.

These were the common sentences (also the common thoughts of mine) we were talking about few weeks before my moving out. In and out of different stores and houses in order to get all the furniture together lol. Thanks god my friend was helping me out otherwise I would have been just lost.

One day my flat mate kindly let me us his car, in order to get all the stuff all together in the car. Well, we did it but we were a little tight (learn doing Tetris so you will have the whole place into the car).

Our Tetris was not really good enough. Indeed this was the result, ups.. sorry not sorry…