#week 43 of 2020: they said you have to let out all the bullshit!

One day I decide to do a hike with a friend of mine. As happy as child we started our journey at 7 in the morning. It was a long and pleasant hike.

Once we reached the peak, we stopped by the lake eating lunch. It was quite cold up there, but the view was enjoyable. For some weird reasons I had running nose (is this information relevant? Nope, but I wanted to tell you anyways)!

There is one particular about this lake: it has heart’s shape!
After lunch we decided to take some pictures of and with the lake.

Oh wow, the lake is damn beautiful, I had to ruin the picture anyways!

Here I am again.. my friend was trying to take some picture of me BUT.. I was in need of sneezing!! I couldn’t hold it anymore, indeed I let it out ahahah LOL sorry guys!