#week 43 of 2021: I don’t wanna leave !

Have you ever get used to that placed you traveled more than a week and almost feel like home? (maybe I felt like this way too much tho haah)

This what New Zealand did to me. I didn’t want to leave because NZ gave me a so damn good vibes all the time.

I headed to the bar, as it was the last night I wanted to drink on it and just not thinking that I had to leave the next day.

When I ordered a damn Mojito I just figured I forgot my ID and Passport at home because I prepared the bags for departure.. and of course I put the passport in that damn bag.

I explained at the waitress the situation and she told me “I’m gonna see what I could do!”. Right after 5 minutes she came back and she said “I’m sorry, I can’t offer you any kind of alcohol since you have any ID with ya!”. I agreed and she left.

I was at the point of start to crying like a baby who didn’t get his ice-cream scoop & a group of guys from a bachelorette party came into the restaurant/bar. I just got curious about what he had written on his back that he headed to me.

“Dancing with a girl.”
“Exchanging a number with a girl.”
“Getting a massage from a girl.”
“Getting a free drink from a stranger”.
… and so on.

I just got a condom out of my purse and headed it back to him and said “Your welcome!”. He could have checked the box “Getting a condom from a girl”. His friends were not happy at all ahahah I guess they want him to loose tho.

Nope, I didn’t have a picture of that night, but I got a selfie of me hurt.