#week 44 of 2020: seeing rainbow when it’s raining

Do you ever have those days where you try to be positive but everything around you prove you wrong? Well, it was a day like that.

When I woke up and look outside it was overall grey as if a storm was about to come. At that right moment when I thought I would have done nothing, a friend of mine invited me having lunch with him. Of course I said yes!! If you are smart, you would have said “Oh no, let’s stay home and have lunch another day”. Of course, my idiocy took part and I must gothere anyways.

I had to means of transport: motorcycle or bus. Considering the circumstances, I should have taken the bus, but I took the risk instead. The moment I sat on the motorcycle the world came down..

My idiocy is calling and I must go!

Well, end of result? I got at the restaurant wet af, only my hair and but were still dry!