#week 44 of 2021: Paintball or PainBall?

I moved to the Swiss German part in February 2020 in order to work. Since I was the one who was always moving back and forward to a place (from Ticino to Olten). Therefore I organized with few friends of mine a visit to Olten.

Since it was summer time, the plan was going tubing in the river. A lot of people do that here in Swiss German part, you might see more people on the river instead of on the street LOL.

Guess what? The weather in Ticino is always sunny and warm.. of course in the north of Switzerland is NOT. Of course, it was raining the whole weekend. So We ended up doing something else.

Since we were in the middle of the lockdown, we couldn’t do as much as we could have done. We decided of doing a crazy thing: playing Paintball ! It was all a bit last minute but at the end we made it out.

Me, my friends and my flat mate made our way to the center of Paintball Arena in Lucerna. It took us 40 minutes to go, once there we decided to play males versus females! AHAH it was really fun!

We played 2 hours straight, I don’t even remember who won, but we all ended up drenched in sweat and happy! Indeed at the end of the game we went home and all just slept because we were all tired.

Please.. please… please.. Mom! Let me be a dalmatian! AHAHA

Even though we had fun, I believe we wouldn’t do paintball for a while or maybe never again? Who know ahah I mean. It looks like someone killed me tho ahahah (and this is the softer pic of my bruises I posted here). But I wasn’t the only one, we all looked like we were Dalmatians dogs.