#week 45 of 2021: be charged to guacamole

Yeah, again.. people shouldn’t let me prepare food for them. I always end up making way too much!
(I know, usually people should complaint if they do not get enough to eat right? In this case I would give them right, because then it’s wasted food and it’s a shame to have to throw away food, isn’t it?)

It was New Year Even and anyone was in charge of preparing or bringing something at dinner. This time I was on charged of doing guacamole for 8 people. The Guacamole should have been enough for the Aperitif and also for dinner (Putting guacamoli in the Burger.. yum yum!).

Have a guess.. what the heck did I do? I thought 4 avocado for 8 people wouldn’t be enough. Therefore I bought 9 of them, adding another sort of avocado which seems a bit bigger than others at my grocery cart. So, I ended up buying 10 avocados in total.

Well, guess again? No, I give you the right answer. We could have invited 50 people over because the Guacamole would have fed all of them!

So again… I thought 10 avocado for 8 people wouldn’t be enough so I got one bigger in order to be sure of making enough.ย I should stop thinking or worrying, next time I would just print out a damn recipe from internet, so I can avoid wasting food for nothing LOL.

I started to prepare the damn Guacamole: 1 hour, 10 avocados and different toppings later, I got enough guacamole for 50 people! At least it was delicious, I just put some garlic and onion powder, tomatoes, salt, lemon juice inside in order to keep it as simple as possible. Indeed it ended up being really delicious!

BUT as delicious as it was.. too much for all of us! Indeed at the end of the night, no one took a bit of guacamole with them (just because we didn’t have other Tupperware’s with, or maybe because my friends are liars and they didn’t really enjoy my guacamole? Well, could be ahahah. Kidding LOL hopefully!). So, I ended up eating the rest of the Guacamole for the rest of the week or maybe few days.. I don’t really remember. I just know that at some point my mom called me “Don’t you mind if I throw it away? It is not tasteful anymore, in fact it’s a bit sour. It’s also starting to change color.. turning into brown instead!”.

What should I have said, NO? No, I couldn’t.. so I let her throw it away. Pity I know. But I didn’t want to force my family finishing it or even worst poisonings them because it was not tasting good anymore.

At the end of the story, did Giorgy learn her lesson? I mean, people say all the time “baby steps”. Also that you learn by doing right? Or that you learn from your mistakes?

Even if nowadays there are still not that many improvements. G as Genius.. better still as Disaster! Indeed, I tried to do something different and I used green beans instead of avocado. Well, I did the new “Guacamole” at the end of December or well.. at least one month ago and I still have two full bowls in the freezer. I let you know whether I am gonna finish them for the new year eh?

Who the hell knew I would have ended up preparing a guacamole for fifty people instead of eight? Well, for sure Google knew, I should have informed myself a bit better tho!
Do not look so little the avocados in the pictures or it’s just an impression of mine LOL?

Okay, okay, okay… sorry guys, I stop finding excuses. I just need to inform myself a bit better next time or all the time in order to stop coming with an exaggerated quantity of food (stop thinking my friends are starving or not eating for weeks tho).

With that said, I hope you enjoyed reading this little misadventure of mine (however like every week) in the kitchen.

Well, now is your turn, I am pretty sure I am not the only disaster.. am I?! Okay maybe I am ahah please share your experiences in case you have some of to share, I am a curious kiddo ๐Ÿ™‚