#week 46 of 2021: Even during a town tour, I can’t be serious

What does Giorgy like to do? Of course I like hiking in the middle of the nature, BUT… When it’s winter time I kind of become a bear. So I’d rather go in small beautiful unexplored towns.

What’s Switzerland’s most beautiful spot? Zürich, Bern, or Geneva! In 2016, Morcote was voted the most beautiful village in Switzerland, it’s located on the shore of Lake Lugano and is included in the Inventory of Swiss Heritage Sites. This village is perfect if you’re looking for a beautiful quiet getaway that will put your mind at ease.

So a friend of mine and I decided to go to there!

How to get beautiful pictures with a stunning outfit? Well, you should put the outfit for the pictures under the warmer outfit. Since this is the most beautiful place of Switzerland I wanted to have the most beautiful pic with a nice and colorful outfit LOL.

So here I am, of course, I put the brilliant idea into action: getting dressed up in order to get pictures content for Instagram. I only forgot that it was cold because of winter time (I suffered a little, the next day I had a cold.. Ops..).

Once in Morcote, we just explored the beauty of this little town. Fortunately when we got there the sun came out and shined for us! We found beautiful little alleys and there I blurred my outfit.

Well, what did you expect? I can’t be serious “Part-time dreamer, full time idiot” remember? AHAH.

So, it was time for getting those type of beautiful shots.. few shots later I couldn’t really resist anymore. I cannot explain it, as if it’s stronger than me… I just jumped because being “normal” (as the society says) it’s not for me LOL.

Hope to put you a smile on your face!