#week 47 of 2020: Kind of sun allergy.. me?

Fun fact? Even tho I have a mild-dark skin color, I am allergic to the sun (people usually laugh in my face when I tell them this). If I go to the beach, mountains or somewhere the sun is stark, I have to put sunscreen on otherwise I got allergic reaction.

The sun blocker has to be the most powerful one but the one for adult is not working on my skin, I started to buy the kid’s suntan lotion 50+. (It sounds like crazy but.. unfortunately.. is the only solution).

Over the years I got better with my skin’s allergy, but it doesn’t mean I have to stop using it. Of course, my idiocy got me like “So, now I don’t need the sunscreen anymore!”.

Well.. well done Giorgy!

The hottest part of the day are between 11am until 2pm. Guess when I went hiking? Between 10am until 4pm. So this is the result tho!