#week 47 of 2021: streets become rivers in about 2 minutes

In 2017 I decided to go on holiday with a friend of mine in Thailand, so here we go… Thailand we got you or you got us?!

We started our trip from Bangkok, up to the North and then we headed to the South. Arrived in Phuket we wanted to explore the island by ourselves. We organized a different tours in order to see the beautiful islands in the south of Thailand. But this day we decided to rent a scooter instead so we could go around Phuket by ourselves.

At the end of the day, we were about to starving so we decided to go in the Phuket downtown and having dinner at the local’s market. Do you know that feeling when rain is about to come? Well as delicious as the food was, we both were smelling an incoming storm.

We looked at each others and finished the food we got as quick as we could and went straight at the scooter. The moment we sat down.. well, it started to rain as fuck: the end of the world was coming down the sky.

Since we were ready to go with our scooter, we started to heading to the hotel. Little we know it would have taken us 2 hours instead of 20 minutes for getting back at it. It was raining so heavily that the streets became rivers, so we were stuck on the road, unable of moving in any directions.

At some point we saw a canopy, therefore we decided to go there and waiting around 1 hour, until the police officers have cleared the road (well they removed the manhole in order to remove the water and let the streets coming back to what they were supposed to be). We eventually gotten at the hotel late at night, soaking wet and we were just looking forward for taking a hot bath tho.

Waiting until we could reach our hotel…