#week 48 of 2021: fructose is collateral to the brain

How to start a normal day at work? Well, follow me through my story. Indeed it was a normal day of work.. I didn’t have much to doo neither it was too boring.

I had the early shift so I went to the grocery store on the first floor of my job’s building because I was hungry (it was breakfast time). Since it was summer time, I got me a cluster of grapes. Green grapes!

Since the situation at work becoming quieter and quieter, I was starting to get bored.
The train was running on schedule, therefore customers were not calling or asking for information. The train infrastructure also were running without troubles, so I started to find a way to put some joy in my day. I ended up founding a way on how to use two pieces of grape.

They say to let the bullshit out! Right? Otherwise it would all goes on your head and makes you dumber. (Well, this might be the reason why I am an idiot.. right? Well ahahha I let you judge me for this!).

While I was eating my green grapes, I was just thinking how could I use the grapes beside eating it LOL. How would you use it? You would ask. Well tell me: “Do you know how to become a bunny in about 2 seconds?”.

You just need few seconds: yourself, green or black grapes and a mirror (in this case I used my phone). Well, then be sure to be in a quite environment, you might burst out laughing and scare people around you. Or maybe  you just bore the people around you.. who knows??




Giorgy become a chinese bunny LOL

HAHA Let me introduce you to Giorgy’s bunny. I have to admit my colleagues laughed out loud, what about yours?