#week 49 of 2021: illegal but successful

Covid… covid… corona? Here we are again.. I know, I am truly sorry, but I just want to tell you a little story regarding the Covid’s lockdown. I promise you, it’s funny AHAH.

Here in Switzerland, we were about to get into our second lockdown. What does it mean? Well, bars and restaurant were allowed to stay open until 7 pm then everyone have to go back home. How ridiculous, right? No one eat before that time, usually just tourists. (at least by us in Switzerland Swiss German people eat that early)

I organized with a friend of mine to get out for a drink, she is actually my gymnastics coach. So, yeah I was saying I was about to get out for a drink, because we had to talk about gymnastics stuff and so on, and we choose to go to a bar where she knew the owner.

What to drink? We all go with the first glass of wine… then we got the second one… and it was almost (well, I would say.. it was about to be 7pm already). So, we finished the glass as soon as possible and we closed the bill and got ready to leave. BUT he trapped us with some other friends of him inside the bar!

We are still in here, fuck the society!

At first I was like “Is this really happening?! AHAH”. It was fun because he let everyone else out and kept us enjoying the “party” (do you see some rebels in here?). It was fun, we stayed there until we couldn’t.. remembering the old beautiful times! (thanks COVID lol). Would you believe me if I tell you the night just ended around midnight because we even ordered pizza, played social games, laughed and talked… unexpected but beautiful night I would say!