#week 5 of 2021: who said Iron Woman?

Since COVID-19 came into our life, a lot has changed. Again corona is hereeeeee… well, yes, a lot has changes, am I right? (Also nowadays the situation is keep changing, they do not even know what to do).

Well, let’s talk about something more interesting. At the very beginning, where I live, you were allowed to get into a bar only if you had a free spot (you had to book it 2 hours in advance) and you would consume drink (if you wanted to play pool you they would have denied the access). Indeed you would have left outside. Even worst, you should made a reservation in advance in order to get into the bar. Crazy, right?

Anyways, we usually go to Pardo, it is a name of a bar in my home town, where you can also smoke shisha (waterpipe? It is no drugs related). This is the main reasons why we always end up going there.. most of my friends like smoking it and the athmosfere at the bar is quite nice.
Whenever you order the Shisha, the bartender heads you an electric button. Whenever shisha is ready it turns red and start to vibrate. It usually took up to ten to fifteen minutes, then shisha should be ready.

Here I am again.. again because I couldn’t handled myself or better still I couldn’t help it. My Idiocy won against me AGAIN.
My friend was wondering where the damn button disappeared.. well they figured it out whenever shisha was ready because I turned into Iron Woman!

AHAHAH did you like it? Do you believe me when I tell you that my friends and I laughed out loud for at least two minutes because it was damn funny? ahah welcome again in my damn fantastic world. I should say Giorgy’s world full of misfortunes THO.