#week 5 of 2022: what’s doing Giorgy overnight?

This is often a question, people around me are wondering. Why? Well, working shifts is not always easy and is not of course obvious, I’m out of phase most of the time.

The fact that my best friend is saying that I am available all the time or whenever you need… it’s kind of true. Normal people might not be able of sleeping during the night because of some problems.. guess who’s up working? Yeah, me.. Giorgy LOL.

Do you have in mind an old expression when people say “I do have time but not money” or vice versa? A lot of friends of mine look at me saying “Then there is Giorgy who have both” and they are right again. So, when people ask me if I mind working shift? Actually not, not at all!

Working shifts has its advantages as working 7 nights straight and having 1 week free… I mean, why not? Moreover, when the weather outside is damn warm and sunny.. you can just chill and enjoy the rest of the day.

I am pretty sure you are wondering where the trick is? What’s wrong with this job? Well, I will stop keeping you in suspense. The worst thing about working shifts is actually going back to a “normal” routine (normal because I do not feel part of that group of people –> Part-time dreamer, full time idiot).

Yeah, after working 7 nights straight I have problems getting back in the normal routine. Namely, it means I go to bed at 10 pm to find myself staring at the ceiling at 3 am and feeling like a zombie for the rest of the day.

So, instead of staring at the ceiling, I decided to work at the blog. At some point, a colleague of mine wrote me a WhatsApp (I believe he saw me online) and wrote me “What are you up to?”

I literally sent him this video.. me.. playing with Palom… LOL (yeah, my cat was in a playful mood). Yeah, this is what Giogy is doing overnight LOL.