#week 50 of 2021: hairdresser once in a lifetime

How many times do you go to hairdresser? What if I tell you that I usually go to hairdresser once in a year, because I don’t really need to go monthly and most of the time I help myself. (leave your hairs untouched as much as possible, because your naturalness is more beautiful untouched).

The story about my adventure of wanting to color my hairs: more than 2 years ago I decided to do the ends of my hair blonde, which I had until recently (well, yes, one year ago I still had that hair’s color). During the time (because I was always exposed to the sun) it become yellow, then orange, then red, then purple… at the end I was going around with a bird’s nest on my head LOL I just ruined it so I ended up cutting my poor hairs THO.

During this period of time I also did henna, a natural product in order to not killing my hairs (well, I still killed them but at least with kindness).

So, with that said… a funny story with the Henna? Of course Giorgy has one HAHA. The Henna has to stay on your hairs as long as possible in order to absorb the color. Therefore I melted the color and then put it all over my hairs (I kind of put henna all around the bathroom and almost burnt my head because I put it on it when it was still way too hot). Well, in order to not dirty everywhere, I found a way to keep the henna on my hair without filling the house of it.

AHHAHAHAHAHA HELLO, IT’S A ME GIORGY ! Sorry I couldn’t resist.. when I was doing it, I just had fun tho.

Well, I wish you a lovely day my dear friends!