#week 51 of 2020: such a beaming smile

I was working as a bartender in an event in my hometown. Sometimes was fun, sometimes it wasn’t.

Usually, whenever we had bad weather condition, we have the most boring night ever. Because of that there wasn’t much people around, the atmosphere was getting quite boring and the time seemed to be endless. We started to invent any kind of job in order to keep yourself busy.

At one point, a customer came by returning me a beer glass.
“Would you like to have another beer, Sir?” I kindly asked with a smiley face: “No thanks!” he was about to leave but he stopped. “Oh.. yes please, why not? Give me another one!”.
I opened a new one and handed it to him “Here you go, it’s 7.50 dollars please”.
He gave me 10 and said “The rest is tips for you! Have a lovely night!”

See the positive in every occasion.. smile!

A colleague of mine who witnessed the whole scenery said: “He didn’t even want that beer and you got also a really generous tips!!! Well done Giorgy!!”