#week 51 of 2021: Christmas is time for spending together!

What do you usually do on Christmas? It’s tradition for me and my family to spend it together. 

My grandparents are living nearby, therefore every year we go dinner on the 24th with my mom’s family then lunch on the 25th with my father’s family. On the 25th night, we usually are just way too full of doing anything at all, so we end up spending the night together by playing Cranium (social game).

You have to be at least four people in order to play this game. There must to be create two group to play against each others (therefore at least 4 people). At each turn, every group has to throw a special dice. Special because it has colors instead of numbers. Every color has a challenge: mimic, sing, model, draw, anagram, logic and so on. It all depended on the color of the die you came up with.

I was playing with my brother and I had to drawing a duck with my eyes closed. Would you believe me if what I draw was nothing closer than an indecipherable scribble? AHAHHA my brother just said out loud “What the heck should this thing be?!”.

Also my father was not really better than me!! He had to sing a song whistling or singing with his mouth closed.. no one could really understand what the heck the song was supposed to be AHAHAHHA.

Should I keep writing the funny misadventure about our team misfortunes? I believe I could write a longer list about that night and the funny things we made.. but I would keep writing forever AHAH. So, what else can I say, many laughs after we finished the game. I believe I went sleeping with headaches and cheeks pain because too much laughing lol.

Shalom is judging us all ! Buon Natale !