#week 52 of 2020: I should get an Oscar for the master of opening champagne bottle

It was Christmas time, I usually celebrate in with my relatives. On the 24th night with my mom’s family and at lunch the following day with my dad’s family.

Each year we change location, this year we had lunch to my grandfather’s place. At some point during the aperitif he asked me to open up a champagne bottle. Of course I said YES!!

It was my first time, therefore it took me around 5 minutes to open it up and.. BOOOMB, I made it! Unfortunately the cork slipped through my hands.. it hit 3 times the wall’s living room then I heard CRASH!

It ended up breaking my grandfather’s sunglasses which were leaning on the table’s room. I wanted to sink into the ground with my shame.. my grandfather wear it with the broken lens, everyone started to laugh out loud!

Merry KissMyAss to all of you !