#week 52 of 2021: I wish you all the best for 2022!

I hope you have the courage to be untamed, and messy. Spontaneous energy vibrating through the Universe (not just today, but everyday).

I hope you’re unfiltered, that sometimes you speak before you think and your forehead wears your confusion like crinkled linen (naturalness is beautiful).

I hope you make a few wrong turns, countless bad decisions and step outside your own limitations more often than not (always and in any case smile at this choices).

I hope you can laugh at your misfortunes, and the laugh to the moon about it later.

Your body, it’ll bear scars and freckles like the night sky wears the milkyway.

Your flesh will burn and bleed, your bones will bend and sometimes break, and sweet one, this is all a part of the weathering process.

This is all a part of your becoming.

So, play with your food, make a bunch of bad decisions and maybe a couple of good ones too (and do not forget smiling).

Wake up early, sleep in past noon, party all night or meditate your way through the day (make people think you are crazy, but live life to the fullest).

Cut your hair or grow it down to your knees. Dye it pink or purple or even green (do crazy things you always wanted to do all the time).

Cry, sing, laugh and dare to be different (die original and not as a copy because you are beautiful as you are).

Make a funny face when the wind changes, eat your crusts, or don’t.

None of these things will matter in the end.

What will outlive your mortality is the way you showed up courageously for yourself and others, the way you made people feel and your ability to take both hands, grab life by the horns and say “baby, let’s dance!”