#week 53 of 2020: Happy New Year to all of you!

I don’t usually do something in particular for New Year Eve, I just need good company and the night is building up by itself.

This time, we decided to go to a bar, having aperitif and see what was going to happen.

It was still around 9pm, when bar do not usually put on loud music and locals are still quite empty. I was with 4 friend of mine, when another one joined us.
I was at the edge of the table and decided I could move my chair & myself at the head, so the other friend could have enough space.

Stubborn kid as I am.. of course, I just began to implement this idea and? Well.. after few seconds I found myself lying on the floor.

Part-time dreamer, full-time idiot.

Of course I didn’t see there was a huge step (kind of cliff) instead of the floor. So, I ended up draw attention to myself since there was not loud music and.. fun fact? By falling down, I hit a metal sign which in turn hit the window. People outside the bar run into in to see what the heck just happened by finding myself lying on the floor and everybody else laughing. Well at least the bartender helped me out.

Happy New Year to you too! LOL