#week 6 of 2021: when you’re supposed to run but every part of your body is sore!

Do you ever look at the mirror and seeing how bad you look like? Yeah, it happened to me of being out of shape and needed to take care of myself a little bit more (not really in need of but I wanted to).

I just got back from my big trip in the USA and I moved immediately to the Swiss German part. Here were a good friend of mine opened my eyes to the run. She asked me if I wanted to join her sometimes and I was like “Why not?”.ย Yeah, remember to just go with the flow and enjoy every day of your life

We met at the racetrack, then started our run! I guess we made around 3 or 4 miles and I pushed like crazy (at least I did it ahha just feeling a wild animal in the Savannah). I haven’t run for a lifetime, by doing so the next few days I walked like I had a pole in my ass (literally, no kidding).

Indeed, I met up with my bestfriend and we went shopping. I can’t describe you the pain in my legs when I had to do stairs – downstairs and uphill either way.

At some point I was looking out the windows, lost in my thoughts and.. I saw police officer nearby my best friend’s car.
“Oh shit, they’re giving you a fine!” She yelled at me “Run downstairs!”
I looked at her with a shocked look on my face “Are you kidding? I barely moved and I have to run!”

It took me around 10 minutes to reach her outside. She played the role of the stupid blonde girl who is not able to use the parking ticket’s machine. Well, at least it worked out. The cop canceled the fine.

Sorry not sorry!