#week 7 of 2021: me and my love for German

Do ever have those things that you don’t like? Even if you try, it is like is harder than you and you can make it happen? Well, I do have today a really fun story about it.ย  Since I was in middle school, I really didn’t appreciate German. It was really hard for me understanding grammar and the language itself (believe me or not, I do have problems with my native language.. sooo…)

BUT.. yeah.. what I was saying? Oh yes, listen up.. after finishing my English study abroad in California, I went anyways to Germany in order to intensify my language skills. It was hard but I accepted my challange!

Concluding the course with a fluid and better German, I decided to look for a job in Switzerland internally. Otherwise, staying in Ticino (the Italian part of Switzerland) I would have lost all my language skills (both English and German) and I would have regretted throwing all those money away. You would say that I am an idiot and I should have thrown my money out of the windows but… hey no, I do still have a brain ๐Ÿ™‚

What can I say.. after 4 years I’m still here, in the Swiss German part and living here, so it’s not so bad right?

The fun part is when I am too tired and my brain couldn’t handle anything anymore.
Indeed instead of saying “Es gibt nur eine Einspur” I said “Eisprung”. (it could sound the same, but believe me because it doesnt at all)

You’re wondering ” What difference do you think it would make?”ย  Believe me.. A LOOTT!
I wanted to say “There is only one single-track” but I said “There is only one OVULATION!”

Yeah.. Giorgy.. congratulations is almost the same thing!

G as Genius.. again.. damn, could you make it?