#week 7 of 2022: Valentine’s Day

A fun fact about this public holiday.. I mean, about Valentine’s Day? I have never ever (never say that tho) celebrate it in my entire life. Yeah, never in my first 1/4 of life. I have been in a long relationship, but.. since we kind of had our “annually date” nearby Valentine’s Day we didn’t really have the need of celebrating it.

Long story short.. maybe things will change in the future.. who knows? Anyways, what I always did during this day (well, I would rather say EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE) is taking care of my own happiness.


So, yes… I know that Valentine’s Day is meant for couple.. but just because society said it? I believe self-love is more important than having a person to share love with. Do not get me wrong.. sharing love to your half soul, is just what I am looking forward to. But, have you ever achieve self happiness.. being completely happy within yourself, then fall in love with a person? Well, try it.

I always thought that a person would bring me the happiness I was looking for and I was wrong. How would you be able to give love to another person if you are not complete by yourself first? Wanna know something crazier?

What if, what you thought of being 100% happiness is not really what you experienced until today? You just had relationships with people who gave you the feeling of being 100% happy but what if you are 100% happy and that person came into your life and exceed that sole of happiness by raising the bar? And rising the bar? And raising the bar above 100%…

Look at me… happy in my huge beanbag… eating pizza… smoking shisha… having Moscato in my hand… smiling at the sky… to myself. 

So, even you are still single or in a relationship, be sure you not forget to love yourself first and create your own happiness.