#week 8 of 2021: when you have no more battery ant you got lost

I planned a dinner to a friend of mine in Bern who just moved into her new flat. I believe I used my phone the whole day so I was left with 20% or so. Therefore I picked up my own charged and said to myself “You can charge it on the train, usually long distance trains have sockets to charge the phone.”

As not said, there were none.

What would have been the best decision ever? Switch off my phone and trying doing anything else in order to not running out of battery. Instead of looking outside or doing anything else, I spent more time on my phone and getting lower to 5% of battery.

Luckily in this time I looked up where my friend exactly lives and I managed to got to my friend’s nearest train station. From there, my phone showed me on google map, that her flat was nearly 2 minutes walk.

Little I knew my phone would have died the moment I was looking for directions (If I would have been smart I could avoid this by informing myself better or looking for direction once I was on the train instead playing games). LOL I wandered around the neighborhood for at least 1 hour. In every building, I checked every bell’s door, until an hour later…ย  I got to my last beach (why didn’t I chose to go there at first?).

The moment I was entering the porch, my friend just appeared and hugged me. She got scared that something bad had happened to me (nah… just my stupidity has taken over as usual).
Then we finally had dinner together (coldly one since I was wandering around her house for an hour that felt ages).

G as Genius: Mom and Dad got the right name for me, thank you!