#week 9 of 2022: ignoring my allergy

Do you have any allergy? If yes, share it down in the comment with us! (Of course, share the idiocy of yours if you well dumb like me.. never learning from my lesson.. keep reading to figure out why I just wrote it down).

So, you might know now (if you read all the weekly stupid article of mine) that I am allergic to the sun. And also that I never learnt from my lesson, because I always ended up sunburned and getting back my allergy therefore the burned part started to itchy a lot! Annoying as me (why am I still ignoring my allergic? Tho)

Anyways, it was a sunny winter day which I totally underestimate because… at the beat of the drum… I burned my face really bad. We did a Barbeque in a terrace of a friend of mine from 11 am until 5pm (well done again, this is when the sun hits really hard). I got back home with a really headache and the next day.. I looked like a tomato!! I could replace any Traffic light, just needed a green traffic sign to keep the traffic going on.

Well, with that said after 5 days I started to feel my face burning and being really itchy. I was also cry because my eyes were really sensitive.

So, I called my doctor and she (of course she did) asked me “well, last time you called me because you got sun allergy.. are we got to that point again?” sorry not sorry.. I did it again indeed. I ended up taking medications + buying up new type of creams and called myself sick at work. Not funny at all.. the pills gave me sleepiness, since I feel already on the moon, these pill took me to the space (literally).

Have Giorgy learned her lesson? Let’s discover it in the next episode!