What COVID-19 taught me?

When I stopped running away from myself I finally felt at home. Home Sweet Home.. damn, how much I missed you.

It is said that we grow the most in the face of challenges that push us out of our comfort zone, and I think its safe to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged all of us. I thought I’d share my story that I have learned while living through this pandemic to highlight the good thing I’ve learned during the pandemic.

I’ve gotten to the point, on December 31st, where I was happy, BUT  I would NOT admit it to myself. Therefore I embarked to the plane and flew to the USA and facing the truth: “And maybe, you will find America where you feel good.”.

Coming back from that USA trip in February with a total confusion in my head, making me losing myself. It’s true, I was lost.. especially  losing the most beautiful thing: my smile, the calm and the carelessness that was able to illuminate the day of those around me.

People would said “COVID ruined my life” or “2020 is the worst year ever” even that “2020 is all to forget”.. I can’t deny I’ve been through better situation than that, those months in 2020 have been difficult but it was also a period of rediscovery, like doing social distance… detox and taking time and care for myself, away from everyone and everything. It’s paid off.. in many ways: both positive and negative ones.

And this is where it all started. Where the certainty of going to America forever faded and, by change, came the confirmation from COVID-19 that closed the boarders. (sometimes destiny is a bitch, but it never makes mistakes… like a bit of the sixth sense). And it made me put my future on hold.

I started to look at Switzerland with different eyes and to understand that traveling, for me, as well as discovering new foreign cultures was a gateway. Because running away was easier than facing reality, whatever it was.

That, living in Switzerland, is not that bad.
Home, smell like home again.
The weather is not that bad.
Working as a dispatcher for a Cargo company is not that bad.
My family is not that bad.
Friends aren’t that bad.
Olten is not that bad.
Going on rollerblading isn’t that bad.
Dancing Latin at the Beach or Pergola bar is not that bad.
Doing sport isn’t that bad.
Having aperitifs at the Sport café is not that bad.
Smoking shisha at Pardo’s bar isn’t that bad.
Shalom (my lovely patience cat) is not that bad.
Making historical evenings at PIX isn’t that bad.
Hanging upside-down isn’t that bad.
Swinging in my hammock isn’t that bad.
Switzerland’s surroundings aren’t that bad.
Ticino’s not that bad.

I mean, 2 years ago I was on my way back from my trip to Latin America wearing the terror of having to go home, and today I find myself here… swinging carefree on a swing in my beautiful Ticino (home sweet home). Smiling at someone like me, who sometimes loses him/herself, but finding the way back at it.

Discovering places.. fantastic places… I didn’t even know I could reach in less than 40 minutes by car (thanks Sam).  Just because my stubbornness didn’t want to see them & preferred to go on the other side of the world because they seemed to look better.

Even worst? Trying to escape from happy reality that made me afraid, because I was happy. Stupid, right? You’re happy and try to run away from it. Stubborn as I am, I was trying to deny it to myself. I slowly put the puzzle pieces back together and my feet on the ground.

I must admit that I missed home.. moreover myself! And let’s face is: how stupid am I? (here I am again… Part-time dreamer, full time Goofball) Switzerland is beautiful, damn YES! And I’m glad to see it with these eyes nowadays and want to discover every corner of it. Above all, be serene and happy to be and live here.

Sometimes making plans is useless, life turns them upside-down.

Most of all, you find America where you feel good, and I’m more than good here. It’s time of stopping escaping life & living it  at the fullest. The moment is now, not tomorrow.

Love, Giorgy

I hope my reflection point have resonated with you and I encourage you to take some time to reflect on the things that the COVID-19 pandemic experience has taught you.

Maybe even share your thoughts with me in the comments: you can do this and you’re not alone!

Again, love Giorgy.