X-Goofiness: Me, myself & I!

Oh hey, hello! Do you know where you ended up? Let’s call it a little section of my everyday life where you can relive with me the quirks that make up my life and make me laugh at myself every day! Start putting the popcorn in the microwave I’m sure it will only take you few minutes on this page to realize how contagious this blog can be:

X-Goofiness: “Part-time dreamer, full time Goofball”. Well because this is just my essence: a Goofball dreamer, goofier than a dreamer I’m afraid….

Weekly you can find in this column new posts about everyday life. It’s gonna be less focused on travel and more related to day to day life: activities of my days, meetings and adventures (something more light hearted). A more dreamy side of my traveler soul that can transmit to all of you who are reading this a little joy and why not putting a big smile on your face.

Are you ready for it? Well, popcorn are so go and grab that bowl full of enjoyably popped corn and enjoy it!