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Cartagena Colombia Adventure Tips, Itineraries, and Planning!

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Why Colombia?

I, Giorgy, a Colombia Travel Expert, I’ve lived in Cartagena in Colombia since 2019, and after exploring it and the rest of Colombia, I want to help you do the same and learn how safe it is!

Walking in the cobblestone town of Cartagena, relaxing on the stunning beaches, exploring the Tayrona National Park, snorkeling in the Rosario Islands, or watching the sunrise while sipping a drink on the rooftops. We all deserve to explore Cartagena to the fullest and I’m here to help you make the most of it!

I hope I can take you along and show you how Cartagena and the rest of Colombia are playful and colorful through my eyes. Encouraging you to explore this incredible destination!

Get ready for your next vacation in Cartagena, Colombia!

Mwellooo Goofballs!

I’m Giorgy aka the Goofball and I am the face behind G-Extreme Travel! A travel blog tailored for every Cartagena, Colombia lover.

A few years ago, I resigned from my job, and chased what was right for me! After months of planning, I set off from my hometown in Switzerland to explore the world. I ended up in Cartagena, Colombia and that was it! My life changed forever; I was mesmerized by its culture and beauty. From then on, I have been traveling around South America and writing about all my experiences for G-Extreme Travel.

I can’t wait to help you start planning your dream vacation to Colombia!

Explore Cartagena, Colombia with Giorgy's eyes.