Good to see you landed on my travel blog, I am Giorgy and this is G-EXTREME TRAVELS!

A travel blog tailored for every adventurer who’s sharing the same Chimical GOOFY !

Every day I wake up and ask myself: "How can I convey this curiosity that runs through my veins?".
I hope that my stories can awaken in you emotions, thrill and adrenaline, the same sensations that will accompany my every journey straight to your heart. Helping YOU wanderers to venture outside your comfort zone to discover new places on our wonderful planet.

Are you still here? Awesome! To learn more click on my face below to leave with me to discover my madness. But be careful, you might get scared (in a good way I hope) or well you know, a laugh is contagious, even if computer, tablet or phone screen do not always share my happiness and could break for the content ... Well I warned you! In case of damage, well welcome, I'm damage too so you're in the right place!

Follow my footsteps around the world !

In blue all inspected places, in grey well... work in progress !