Cartagena Nightlife

Top 35 Cartagena Nightlife Spots This 2024: Best Local Bars & Clubs!

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    Are you looking to discover all the secrets for enjoying Cartagena Nightlife to the fullest? I’ve got you covered!

    I have compiled a guide to help you make unforgettable memories with your loved ones at the bars, rooftops, and clubs in Cartagena de Indias, based on my experience living in the area for several months.

    By using this Cartagena nightlife guide, you will discover the top 35 bars and clubs located in the city, allowing you to party in a more secure manner!

    Keep reading to find out where you can order your first cocktails!


    There are some excellent tours to experience Cartagena’s nightlife with locals. Here is my top-notch selection:

    • If you’re interested in experiencing the vibrant Salsa culture in Cartagena, consider checking out Crazy Salsa on Wednesdays through Saturdays.
    • Thomas, who has been a resident of Cartagena for several years, is an exceptional host for parties at the city’s top clubs and bars.
    • Sibarita offers to arrange a two-hour dinner in the Bay of Cartagena which includes four courses and a bottle of wine.

    Do you want to learn about the best places in Cartagena (UNESCO World Heritage Site), how to avoid tourist traps, and beginner’s mistakes? My Cartagena Colombia Guide has all the information you need.

    Which Areas in Cartagena are the Best for Partying?

    here is one of the best areas where to enjoy Cartagena Nightlife: El Centro!

    #A. El Centro

    El Centro is the undisputed heart of Cartagena nightlife. Located in the northwest part of the city, it’s right on the waterfront and home to some of the most upscale restaurants and bars in town.

    If you’re looking for a luxurious experience with high-end drinks and classy vibes, then El Centro is the place to be. It’s also the perfect spot to people-watch, with its lively atmosphere making it a great party destination.

    However, it is important to note that the Clock Tower area of El Centro has become known for attracting prostitutes so visitors should avoid this part of the neighborhood.

    #B. San Diego

    San Diego is a great area for nightlife in Cartagena Colombia. With its picturesque seafront setting and charming brightly colored buildings, it’s the perfect place to kick back and relax with some friends.

    You can sip handmade cocktails at upscale bars or take a leisurely stroll around one of the many parks that line the square. At night, the streets come alive with street performers, musicians, and lively bars offering a unique nighttime atmosphere.

    Whether you’re looking for an intimate evening or a lively night on the town, San Diego has something for everyone. Enjoy Cartagena’s famous nightlife in this beautiful area of the city!

    #C. Getsemaní

    Another best areas where to enjoy Cartagena Nightlife: Getsemani!

    Getsemani is the perfect spot for a great night out in Cartagena. It’s home to a vibrant atmosphere with plenty of bars, most popular clubs, and bustling with food culture.

    The area also has an historic plaza and features beautiful street art that adds to its bohemian vibes. Prices are lower than those at places closer to the city center, making Getsemani even more attractive for those looking to enjoy the nightlife.

    There’s a little something to suit every taste in Getsemani, with locals and tourists alike mixing together in this area with its many diverse entertainment options.

    Make sure you check out the local bars and clubs – they’re some of the best spots to experience la movida of Cartagena nightlife!

    #D. Bocagrande

    The Bocagrande area is an ideal place to party in Cartagena Colombia. This lively coastal strip has a vibrant nightlife scene with many bars, clubs, and casinos for visitors to explore.

    The long stretch of sandy beaches are perfect for soaking up the sun during the day before dancing away the night at one of the various dance clubs (such as the famous 51 Sky Bar located on the Carrera 2) and casinos.

    The area is well-lit and easy to access, making it safe for people of all ages to explore.

    SAFETY TIP: It would be better to take a cab (uber is illegal) in the area because it is not very walkable compared to other parts of Cartagena. It is not safe to stay on the beaches at night as there is no lighting or entertainment.

    Whether you’re looking for the perfect spot to kick off your night or an unforgettable way to spend a whole evening with friends, Bocagrande has everything you need for a great night out!

    Don’t miss the chance to experience Cartagena’s vibrant nightlife right here in Bocagrande.

    The 16 Top Bars in Cartagena

    Whether you’re looking for a relaxed atmosphere at a local bar, a lively rooftop bar with stunning views of the city, or an all-night dance party at one of the city’s renowned nightclubs, Cartagena has it all for any night lover!

    But, we are going to start with the best bars of the old city.

    So, strap yourself in because I am about to help you make your decision on which bar to visit first, here is a list of the 16 best bars in Cartagena, Colombia.

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    let's strap yourself in because we are about to discover the 16 top bars in Cartagena Colombia.


    #1. Tertulia De Getsemaní

    Tertulia De Getsemaní is a popular bar that could be founded in the north of the Getsemani neighborhood (as the name said).

    It is well known for serving really strong drinks and is the place where you want to see daily live performances of salsa music.

    Take your friends and make Tertulia De Getsemaní your new go-to spot! And don’t worry about the space, although it’s a lively bar, it has enough room for dancing for everybody!

    USEFUL TIP: The cover charge for the ambiance is worth the COP 33,000 (USD 8$) you have to pay.


    #2. Donde Fidel

    Speaking of Salsa, Donde Fidel is another bar that should be checked out… whether you or you’re NOT a Salsa dancer!

    Inside Donde Fidel is an upbeat dance floor where you can move to the rhythm of Salsa music. No worry not, if you are not in a dancing mood, outside there are tables for sitting back and enjoying the picturesque view of the city!

    With its colorful and vibrant atmosphere, Donde Fidel is one of the most popular bar for those looking to experience traditional Colombian culture.


    #3. Leon De Baviera

    Looking for a change from Latino music? How about immersing in a delightful evening in Germany then? Let’s go to Leon de Baviera!

    This bar takes its name from the German region of Bavaria, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself hearing traditional German songs, serving authentic dishes (käsespätzle, schnitzel, bratwurst and so on) and celebrating Oktoberfest here!

    With its great atmosphere for watching live soccer games, Leon de Baviera is like a pub for beer lovers that you don’t want to miss when visiting Cartagena!


    #4. Terraza Municipal

    Located in the Getsemani district, Terraza Municipal is a location featured with outdoor tables. And it’s worth mentioning that this is a great place to enjoy dinner and a beer while taking in the stunning Cartagena sunset!

    The spot provides music and reasonably priced menu items. Visitors may order local street food from food trucks and hang out in the stylish seating section.

    Although Terraza Municipal’s drink service is often slow, it’s still worth visiting for the relaxed atmosphere.


    #5. Mr. Cigar

    Are you in the mood for good rum and live music? Then Mr. Cigar in Cartagena’s San Diego district is a great spot for you!

    The owner is lovely and delighted to engage in conversations about life in Cartagena (you are going to learn so much from locals!). Any day of the week, patrons can unwind and feel at ease in the inviting ambiance.

    USEFUL TIP: You can purchase cigars here!


    #6. Clock Pub

    If Germany is not calling you, but you still crave a lively night at a pub… the Clock Pub is the perfect choice for you!

    The Clock Pub is not different from any other UK pub in terms of what it offers. It has the same type of activities such as showing soccer matches, having weekly events with live bands, and serving pub food.

    However, one thing that sets The Clock Pub apart from the Leon de Bavera pub in Cartagena is that it doesn’t offer an October Fest.

    Instead, it offers a selection of engaging board games to enjoy while savoring your refreshing beer!


    #7. El Arsenal: The Rum Box

    Do you happen to read rum? Well, if you are a rum lover, come and visit El Arsenal (the rum box) to experience the best rum-based cocktails!

    El Arsenal is widely recognized as the best bar in Cartagena for fancy cocktails. It offers its renowned rum box, giving customers a unique experience of tasting delicious cocktails made with rum…. or any liquor by welcoming everybody!

    Not only does it specialize in serving delicious cocktails with rum, but they also offer an exquisite Rum and Chocolate Tasting session that will tantalize your taste buds.

    Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the sweet and savory flavors of both dark and white chocolate paired with a variety of rums from around the world!


    #8. Trinidad Square

    Step into the Trinidad Square aka La Plaza de la Trinidad that just offers a variety of food and drink options.

    If you arrive around 6 p.m., you are promised a stunning sunset and later on enjoying an affordable beer while watching street performers!

    You can also visit the main square to meet locals who sell inexpensive cocktails. Don’t forget to explore the artistic murals that decorate the area!


    #9. The Sugar Cocktails Cartagena

    The Sugar Cocktails bar located in northern Getsemani, is open except Tuesdays. You can decide to grab a drink to go or enjoy the relaxed street atmosphere.

    The bar serves delicious and reasonably priced cocktails, and the service is fast.

    Icing on the cake hihi? The owners speak English!


    #10. Alquímico

    The old colonial-era shoe shop has been magnificently renovated in a trendy, modern style, making it the coolest spot to enjoy drinks in the city. The venue also has a panoramic rooftop bar, and they serve delicious food.

    However, please note that each finest cocktail drink costs US$10!

    On weekends, it transforms into a lively nightclub (more about it in the nightclub section).


    #11. La Fantastic Pirate Ship

    Consider trying something unique during your time in Cartagena, Colombia? Then hop aboard La Fantastica!

    This is the pirate ship departing from the Muelle de los Pegasos of Cartagena pier at 5 PM giving you the chance to enjoy a 2-hour tour of the bay (and the stunning sunset) along with an open pirate punch bar.

    Book your spot on the pirate ship here for an unforgettable experience hihi!


    #12. El Patio

    I highly recommend this place as a great starting point for your night out of bar hopping.

    It is conveniently located on the border of Getsemaní, making it just a short walking distance from either the old town or the center of Getsemaní neighborhood.

    The courtyard, which is open-air, is designed to reflect the architecture and style of Cartagena, with wall-mounted faux balconies, vibrant umbrellas overhead, and stunning murals of significant landmarks in the city.

    I believe that this is one of the best bars in Cartagena to enjoy a good atmosphere while grabbing a cheap beer. They offer good deals on buckets, where you can get 7 for the price of 5.

    El Patio offers a variety of food options including burgers, salads, and sharing platters of mini empanadas!


    #13. Caponera

    Caponera bar in Cartagena doesn’t offer anything fancy, but that makes it even more appealing – a place where you can simply breathe in the Cartagena atmosphere without worrying about impressing anyone!

    There’s no need to dress up or bring an entourage – it’s a casual spot that allows you to just relax, enjoy yourself without spending too much, and blend in like a local!

    The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly so you can easily chat with your friends or make new ones while sipping on your favorite drink.


    #14. Ron y Tabaco

    Ron y Tabaco is truly the best bar in Cartagena for those looking for a unique experience… and smoking cigars!

    Ron y Tabaco in Cartagena is the perfect combination of beauty and sophistication. Its walls are decorated with photographs of famous celebrities, making it the ideal place to show off your style and class.

    As the name suggests Ron (rum) y Tabaco (tobacco) offer a wide selection of cigars that you can smoke along with a glass of whiskeys or rums.


    #15. Demente

    Come grab a few drinks and enjoy some great food all in one place, with unbeatable atmosphere and amazing service at Demente!

    Demente is an excellent place to go for both small groups and large gatherings alike. And it’s worth mentioned that this beer bar with ample seating for everyone, has pizza no other- it’s hard to beat the authentic Italian flavor of pizza made here.


    #16. Buy Alcohol in the Stores!

    While not precisely a bar, I’d like to include the stores as part of the best bars in Cartagena nightlife.

    It’s a budget-friendly alternative, having a drink on your hand while walking along the walls allowing you to relish the stunning sunset on your own terms without the bustling crowds.

    It’s the perfect opportunity to savor a moment of tranquility and serenity!


    The 7 Best Rooftop Bars in Cartagena

    Let’s now talk about the best 7 rooftop bars in Cartagena, Colombia that offer stunning views of Cartagena’s colorful colonial buildings alongside great food and drinks.

    So if you’re looking for a vibrant night out in Cartagena, be sure to head up to one of these amazing rooftop bars!


    #17. Café del Mar

    Grab your friends and start off your Cartagena nightlife in style at Café del Mar!

    Located atop the enchanting Walled City, this rooftop bar in Cartagena reigns as a beloved hotspot for a memorable night out. With its unrivaled views of the Caribbean Sea and a range of musical delights, this iconic locale offers an exquisite setting to indulge in your favorite drink.

    USEFUL TIP: Keep in mind that, given its prime location, prices here may reflect the splendor of the experience!

    The sunset here is especially beautiful!

    But, let me be completely honest with you. You can enjoy this breathtaking view for free – just grab a drink from the store, head up to the wall and you’ll rewarded with the same stunning view!

    Grab a drink from the store, make your way up to the wall, and revel in the absolute beauty. It’s a remarkable opportunity to indulge in at no cost whatsoever!

    There’s nothing really special at Cafe del Mar beyond the amazing view, but that’s no reason not to have an amazing time.


    #18. Eivissa

    Ei Vissa Rooftop Bar is definitely one of the best places to check out during your stay in Cartagena. It’s located right in the heart of the old city, offering incredible views of the Caribbean sea along with the iconic El Reloj (Clock Tower).

    The vibe here is very relaxed and welcoming, giving it a great atmosphere for conversation. The bar offers premium drinks and boasts an impressive selection of cocktails.

    BUT… what truly sets Ei Vissa apart is its transformation from a bar to a vibrant club, fueled by an extraordinary live music program.

    Indeed, every night they host some of Colombia’s best DJs and bands who spin everything from salsa to reggaeton. There’s usually someone dancing on the small stage which adds to its lively atmosphere – so don’t be surprised if you find yourself joining in!


    #19. La Jugada Club House

    Even though it might result to be a little bit pricey, La Jugada rooftop is guaranteed to be one of your best nights in Cartagena!

    Located on Calle del Colegio, this multi-level venue has something for everyone.

    The top level of Juganda Club House is a spacious open terrace and bar, with cocktails from around the world and views of the Caribbean Sea. The rest of the floor’s houses feature popular dance clubs with DJs spinning all night long.


    #20. Mirador

    The next on the list of the best rooftop bars in the Walled City, and one of my favorites, is for sure El Mirador.

    The name “Mirador” translates to “viewpoint” in English, and it lives up to its name – offering guests an incredible view over the Plaza de Bolívar and the clock tower (also for sunsets!).

    What’s more, it’s neither overly popular nor expensive, so you can get a great deal at this spot and make the most of your evening. Enjoy some drinks while dancing as you take in the sight of vibrant Cartagena!


    #21. 51 Sky Bar

    For those looking for a more chill yet luxurious evening out with friends or a romantic date night, 51 Sky Bar is the place to be!

    This location is an exclusive high-end rooftop bar in the Hotel Estelar, located right on the waterfront of Cartagena.

    Imagine this: you’re sitting in one of the most luxurious places to enjoy Cartagena nightlife. Behold the breathtaking view of the Colonial city and the Caribbean sea, while sipping on a cocktail by your loved ones. Amazing, isn’t it?

    The price tag is quite steep, but that’s more than compensated for by the fashionable atmosphere and house DJ playing a mix of hip-hop, reggae, and latin rhythms.

    P.s. Drinks are served by bartenders in white uniforms and there’s even an extensive menu of light bites available for snacking!


    #22. Movich Rooftop

    If you’re looking for an evening out that combines stunning views with good food and drink, Hotel Movich should be your first choice!

    But it’s more than just a beautiful view: Hotel Movich is the perfect place for both sunset watching and nightlife. Its open-air bar offers stunning views of the city and ocean from its rooftop terrace, so you can relax with a cocktail while watching the sun dip below the horizon.

    Although this rooftop bar doesn’t transform into a club at night, you can enjoy gourmet meals and drinks without having to deal with loud crowds.

    The price is relatively expensive given its location and view, but if you’re looking for a relaxing evening out with friends or family, this is definitely worth it.


    #23. Townhouse

    Something similir to the Movich Hotel, is the Townhouse rooftob bar.

    It offers similar amenities to that of Movich Hotel such as delicious drinks and food. And it’s also a lovely spot for watching the sunset, making it one of the best spots for nightlight in the city!

    What sets The Townhouse apart from Movich is that after dinner, it transforms into a club complete with live music and DJs.

    Additionally, its open-minded attitude towards customers makes it welcoming to everyone; regardless of their age or what they drink.

    All in all, The Townhouse provides an unforgettable experience and is a must-see for those visiting whether at sunset or Cartagena at night.

    best clubs in cartagena

    The 12 Best Clubs in Cartagena

    Here is a list of the best clubs in Cartagena that cater to a variety of music genres and dress codes, including salsa clubs and more relaxed venues.

    You’ll find something that suits your taste for partying!

    Here is all ablout Cartagena Nightlife: the 12 best clubs in Cartagena, Colombia.


    #24. Mister Babilla

    Mister Babilla is one of Cartagena’s best-known clubs, and for good reason. Located in the popular Getsemani neighborhood, it offers a wide variety of activities, from dancing to hosting events throughout the year.

    Its spacious interior features three distinct dance floors with different beats depending on your mood – whether you want to groove to salsa music or get lost in the latest hip hop tracks, Mister Babilla has it all.

    The club also has several bars and lounges where you can grab a drink and mingle with other guests. And if you’re looking for a more intimate atmosphere, there is a VIP area that can accommodate up to 500 people.

    With its great service and friendly staff, Mister Babilla is the perfect place for an unforgettable night out in Cartagena!


    #25. Cafe Havana 

    Include Cafe Havana in my curated list of the top nightlife spots in Cartagena!

    You can find this club in the heart of the city’s colonial center, this salsa club is one of the oldest and most popular establishments for live music.

    All your senses will be engaged as you enjoy traditional Colombian cuisine accompanied by Latin rhythms of Salsa, Bachata, Cumbia, and more.

    With its rustic interior and open-air terrace, Cafe Havana will provide you with an unforgettable vibrant experience filled with energy and music that can only be found in Cartagena to dance the night away!


    #26. Quiebra Canto 

    Whether you’re looking to dance your night away with salsa or simply wish to witness local culture at its best – Quiebra Canto offers something unique that will definitely stay with you forever!

    Quiebra Canto is a haven for salsa lovers and a beloved destination by Cartagena locals.

    Quiebra Canto quickly became popular among locals when it opened its doors in 2004, due to its spacious dance floor, great music selection, and affordable prices.

    The atmosphere in this club is electrifying and with no tourist crowds or overpriced drinks; you can dance all night long without worrying about your wallet.

    And if you want to take it up a notch, make sure to sign up for one of their Salsa classes, where you’ll learn how to move your hips like a pro!


    #27. Vueltabajero

    I recently experienced the local culture of Cartagena firsthand at Vueltabajero.

    This salsa bar is located just outside the walled city, so it was filled with locals and less tourists than other places in the area.

    I had an absolute blast – even though I probably stepped on more feet than I can remember, everyone was incredibly welcoming and inviting to a stranger like me.

    The atmosphere is one of authentic Colombian culture, something you won’t find in many other places in the area.

    If you’re looking for an experience that captures the energy and vivacity of local life, then make sure to check out Vueltabajero – you won’t regret it!


    #28. Media Luna

    Media Luna is the premier hostel in Cartagena, and this is especially true when it comes to their Wednesday night parties.

    The celebration draws both guests of the hostel and non-guests alike, creating an atmosphere that’s more relaxed and reminiscent of a backpacker hangout than a typical club experience.

    It’s the perfect way to kick off your trip – you’ll make friends with other travelers while dancing the night away under the stars.

    And if you’re lucky enough to stay at the hostel during your visit, be sure to take full advantage of this incredible opportunity!


    #29. Seven 7 Times

    The Seven 7 Times club in Cartagena is a one-stop destination for all kinds of night time entertainment.

    It’s one of the newest and most popular clubs in town, boasting 3 different dancing rooms for every kind of music lover. Whether you prefer salsa, pop or electronica – they have it all!

    Seven 7 Times had my feet moving and body shaking throughout the whole night!

    I personally had an incredible time there – the themed shows they offered on the opening night left me mindblowing, and the atmosphere was absolutely electric!


    #30. Taboo

    The Taboo club is a great alternative to the more crowded and pricey clubs of Cartagena. It usually isn’t as filled with tourists, and has a more authentic vibe due to the primarily Latin American music playing there.

    I discovered Taboo while I was on my Chiva party bus tour and ended up stopping there later in the night. The atmosphere was energetic with people dancing all over the place.

    Everyone seemed to be having a great time—it’s definitely a place I’d recommend checking out if you’re ever in Cartagena! (and a fun night out without breaking your budget).


    #31. Crazy Salsa

    Crazy Salsa is one of Cartagena’s best-kept secrets for salsa lovers. Located in the heart of the old city, it offers a chance to experience traditional Colombian music and dance.

    Every Thursday night, the venue hosts a legendary salsa night, with local musicians and DJs playing until late in the evening. The atmosphere is buzzing with energy – locals, tourists and salsa enthusiasts come together to dance the night away.

    With its intimate setting and friendly crowd, Crazy Salsa is an excellent spot to experience Cartagena’s vibrant nightlife culture.


    #32. Al Quimico

    Alquimico, commonly known as Al Quimico, is a vibrant club located in the heart of Cartagena. With its unique name, it is no surprise that the cocktails are as creative as they are delicious.

    Picture this: having a chemist (the bartender) create mysteriously and with a lot of smoggy stuff your own crafted cocktail!

    The club is set in an open-air space with a rooftop terrace giving guests stunning views of the city (but not really a good one of the sunset). The decor is elegant but also laid-back allowing for dancing opportunities.

    With a dedicated DJ playing the best Latin hits from past and present, it’s easy to get lost in the music.

    On weekends the place becomes packed so make sure to get there early if you want a good spot!


    #33. Misti-k

    I had no idea what I was in for when I first ventured to the Misti-k club in Cartagena. All I knew was that it was a great place to smoke shisha and play some pool. Little did I know, this club is much more than just an outdoor smoking lounge!

    Misti-k has multiple floors, with each floor offering something distinct and unique!

    The first floor is a lounge area filled with comfortable chairs and couches. You can enjoy your shisha or other drinks while listening to chill music and watching the lights dance around the room.

    The second floor is where all the fun happens – a full dancefloor with all kinds of music from Latin hip hop to deep house beats!

    The third floor features an open air terrace, so you can take in the sights of Cartagena while having some cocktails or smoking a hookah outdoors!

    It’s definitely one of the best clubs in Cartagena and worth checking out if you’re ever in town!


    #34. Barzuto Social Club

    The Bazurto Club is a must-visit place in Cartagena if you’re looking for the best nightlife experience. With its combination of Caribbean and African beats, it provides a unique and exciting atmosphere.

    Besides the music, there are plenty of other activities to do, such as dancing or taking part in some karaoke fun. The bar serves great drinks and snacks, perfect for when you need something to recharge after all the dancing.

    So be sure not to miss out on this amazing nightlife destination when visiting Cartagena!


    #35. Tu Candela

    Don’t assume that the attractive ladies at the bar will be attracted to your boyish charm alone, as this establishment, which is like a cozy cave, is where Obama’s secret service agents went astray.

    The local crowd is drawn to the reggaeton and merengue played by a DJ or band, and there’s an upstairs rooftop if you start feeling claustrophobic. Don’t forget to try the spicy ceviche!

    cartagena nighlife safety

    Is It Safe to Go Out and Party at Night in Cartagena?

    Yes, it is safe to go out and party at night in Cartagena as long as you take the proper safety precautions.

    I have compiled a list of safety precautions and tips that I always remember when traveling. Being cautious is essential for an enjoyable vacation and to fully enjoy the Cartagena nightlife.


    👣Is It Safe to Walk at Night?

    Navigating the streets of Cartagena at night can be a daunting experience for tourists. To ensure your safety while out and about, it’s important to take certain safety precautions.

    First and foremost, make sure you are in a well-lit area with plenty of people around. The safest areas for walking at night are Centro Historico and San Diego. While these areas may seem lonely at night, they are actually much safer than other parts of Cartagena, like Getsemani.

    If you are in Getsemani at night, make sure to stay with a group of friends and consider taking a taxi (Uber is illegal) if nobody is out in the streets.

    Keep in mind that Cartagena is a tourist destination and petty crime does exist so be aware of your surroundings and keep your belongings close at all times.


    🛂 Leave your Passport in a Safe Place

    When it comes to experiencing the Cartagena nightlife, there are certain safety precautions that should always be taken. One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to make sure that you don’t bring your passport with you while out and about.

    While it may seem like a good idea to have your passport with you in case of a police check, it is really not necessary. Carrying your passport can be inconvenient and risky for someone unfamiliar with the area. Instead, try carrying a photocopy of your passport with you.

    This will provide identification if needed without having to worry about losing your actual passport.

    In addition, many clubs have bouncers that require proof of age before entering. A photocopy of your passport can be used as proof instead of carrying the original document around.

    By keeping a copy of your passport and using it for identification, you can ensure both safety and convenience while exploring Cartagena’s lively nightlife.


    💳 Set a Maximum Spending Amount for your Credit Card

    When visiting Cartagena, don’t forget to set a maximum spending amount for your credit card. This will help you protect yourself from any unexpected costs that may arise while out and about in Cartagena’s nightlife scene.

    Having a limit on the amount of money you can spend with your credit card can be a great way to monitor your spending and stay within budget. It also minimizes the risk of theft or fraud, as you are not carrying large amounts of cash around with you.


    ⛔ NEVER Leave your Drink Unattended

    When out enjoying Cartagena’s nightlife, one of the best way to stay safe, it to always keep an eye on your drink at all times!

    There are many dangers that come with leaving your drink unattended and it can be easy for someone to slip something into your beverage without you noticing (for instance the Scopolamine a really dangerous drug around Latin America).

    Strangers may seem friendly but it’s better to never accept drinks from them, even if they insist. Consider asking a friend to hold your drink or getting someone you trust to watch it while you go dance.

    Never underestimate the importance of being aware and staying safe, especially when out and about in Cartagena’s nightlife scene. Taking the proper safety precautions will ensure that you have a great time and can enjoy the amazing experiences that this vibrant city has to offer!


    💘 Watch Out for any Type of Online Date Apps

    When visiting Cartagena, it is important to be aware of the risks that come with online date apps such as Tinder.

    While many travelers may use these apps as a way to get to know people in the area, it is important to remember that Tinder does not verify its users and you never truly know who you’re talking to.

    If you do decide to meet someone up from an online app, it is important to consider meeting in a public place during daylight hours. A darkly lit club or your apartment may not be the safest location for such meetings.

    In addition, make sure that you always keep yourself safe and be aware of your surroundings at all times. Be sure to inform friends and family of your plans and consider taking a taxi (Uber is illegal) if you’re going out alone.


    💊 Bring with You Anti Hangover Medicaments

    As the saying goes, what’s a night out without some drinks? Unfortunately, alcohol often leaves us with an unpleasant side effect – a nasty hangover.

    Despite its unpleasantness, this doesn’t have to ruin your Cartagena nightlife experience. By bringing anti-hangover medications with you, you can enjoy drinking and partying without having to worry about the aftermath.

    Anti-hangover medications contain natural ingredients that can reduce the severity of your hangovers, such as prickly pear extract, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals.

    These ingredients help your body process alcohol more efficiently so that you can stay out longer without feeling the effects of a hangover in the morning.

    It’s important to note that these medications are not a substitute for drinking responsibly, but they can help reduce the chances of an unpleasant hangover. They are especially useful if you plan on partying all night or drinking heavily during your stay in Cartagena.

    All about Cartagena Safety!

    cartagena nightlife

    What to Expect From Cartagena Nightlife

    The nature of Cartagena’s nightlife varies. For tourists, there are high-end clubs available, while locals prefer laid-back ‘champeta’ spots where they dance all night long in the Costeño style.

    However, without further information, it is challenging to give a definitive answer:


    ⏱️ Experience the Empty Clubs Early at Night

    In Cartagena, like many other places in Colombia and South America, the clubs usually start late.

    Unless there is a great deal of drinks or dance classes offered for free, it’s not worth going to a club before 11 pm. The majority of people won’t arrive until midnight.

    It’s better to either drink in your hotel before going out or visit one of the nearby bars in the city.


    🤷🏽‍♀️ Women Who Work are Found all Over

    The city of Cartagena is notorious for prostitution. Women working in this profession can be found in various places, including backpacker bars and upscale establishments.

    One issue is that they may not reveal their profession until after spending several hours and purchasing several drinks. Sometimes, they may even wait until after engaging in sexual activity to reveal their true profession and demand payment.

    To determine if someone is a professional, you could ask about their job and qualifications. However, if they seem too impressive for you, it may indicate a business arrangement.


    👗 Clubs Specified to Have a Dress Code

    If you’re heading out to the top-end nightclubs in Colombia, make sure you dress appropriately. Avoid wearing flip-flops and boardshorts as they won’t be allowed. Opt for a button-down shirt, dark jeans, and shoes instead.

    However, at bars, you can be a little more laidback as many of them don’t enforce a dress code.

    Although Cartagena has a humid climate, it’s important to avoid dressing too casually. Even if you manage to get into a nicer place, dressing too casually can make you stand out and make it harder to blend in or make friends with the locals.


    🥵 Prepare to Sweat a Lot

    Cartagena is well-known for its hot and humid weather, which doesn’t cool down much after sundown.

    Therefore, it’s advisable to wear lightweight and breathable clothes instead of a blazer. It’s better not to be the sweaty foreigner who perspires and creates discomfort for others at nightclubs.


    🗣️ Spanish is Going to Be Extremely Helpful

    Although is widely spoken in tourist-friendly Cartagena, knowing some Spanish is crucial for enjoying the nightlife, making local friends, meeting potential partners, and avoiding scams.

    Speaking the local language can make your life easier in Cartagena!

    Learn how to speak Spanish like a pro!

    I’ll send you a FREE guide that will boost your Spanish language skills.

    Get the glossary Spanish guide by subscribing below.

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      😬 Expect to Be Surrounded by Tourists

      Cartagena has a lot of Gringos around. If you want to experience a true Colombian party without many foreigners, then this might not be the best city for you.

      However, you can avoid most of the tourists by not visiting Getsemani and the Old Town.

      Instead, try visiting more local neighborhoods like Manga. The Paseo de la Castellana area is also rumored to have some fun local spots.

      Looking for a change from the typical tourist spots? Why not uncover the hidden jewels of Colombia instead?


      🚍 The Chiva Party Bus is an Amazing Local Experience

      Join a unique and lively tour called the “Chiva fiesta” in Colombia! Hop on a colorful old chicken bus with around 30 people from different parts of the world and tour the city at night.

      Enjoy unlimited rum and live music on board while you make new friends and have a fun-filled night of partying.

      Don’t worry, this tour is not only for tourists but is also popular among locals from all over Colombia. Although it may seem a bit wild, it’s definitely an unforgettable and authentic way to experience the rumba culture in Colombia!

      cartagena nightlife

      How Much Does the Nightlife in Cartagena Cost?

      Here is a break down on how much the Cartagena nightlife cost!

      If you plan on going out for the night in Cartagena, don’t expect it to be cheap. Prices in Colombia are average compared to other Latin American countries.

      However, since Cartagena is a highly touristic city, some places may charge higher prices for foreigners aka the gringos.

      To clarify, the cost of drinking is higher in this location compared to Bogota and Medellin.

      However, there are still affordable options for having a good time such as bars and clubs that cater to backpackers, particularly in Getsemani. The more high-end establishments can be found in Bocagrande, but there are also some pricey options in the Old Town.

      You may select items according to your preference, but be prepared to spend anywhere from $30 to $150 USD for a night out.

      The following prices can be used as a general reference:

      • The cover charge ranges from $0 to $15 USD,
      • Beers cost between $1 and $6 USD,
      • Drinks cost between $3 and $12 USD,
      • Wine bottles cost between $20 and $60 USD.
      • If you choose to purchase a bottle of booze at the club, it will cost between $30 and $250 USD.

      USEFUL TIP: If you want to save some money on alcohol, go for the Caribbean rum that is produced locally. It not only tastes DAMN good, but it is also the least expensive option for liquor in Cartagena.


      Best Nights to Party in Cartagena, Colombia?

      Cartagena may not be fully lively until the end of the week, despite being a tourist town. The party scene is largely dominated by domestic tourists, so Friday and Saturday are usually the most happening nights.

      However, it is still possible to have an exciting night out on weeknights if you know the right places to go!

      Monday-Tuesday: You should try Alquimico or Eivissa, but keep in mind that they can be busy throughout the week, and especially busy on weekends.

      Wednesday: Every Wednesday, Media Luna Hostel throws wild parties that attract hundreds of enthusiastic backpackers and locals. The party is known for its young and lively crowd, making it one of the most exciting events in the city. Guests dance the night away in the in-house club before continuing the party into the wee hours of the morning.

      Thursday: If you enjoy salsa dancing, you can attend a lively party hosted by Crazy Salsa on Thursday. It would be helpful to learn some basic moves before the event and wear appropriate attire (what not to wear instead!).

      Friday-Saturday: Every location (bars, rooftops and clubs) is expected to be crowded.

      Sunday: Most of the clubs are closed. You can check out bars like Cafe del Mar or Havana if you want to have a drink. Media Luna and Mamellena hostels, which are popular among foreign visitors, usually have some people partying.


      ✅ Reasons Why People Enjoy Cartagena Nightlife

      With its vibrant culture, vibrant nightlife and stunning natural beauty, Cartagena is a paradise for anyone looking to experience the Caribbean vibe.

      From historic sites, amazing sunsets, beautiful beaches to lively bars and clubs in the walled city, Cartagena’s nightlife scene has something for any kind of travelers!

      Cartagena nightlife offers a unique experience that you can’t get anywhere else. With its vibrant Caribbean music and exciting parties, Cartagena boasts an energy that is both contagious and irresistible.

      On any given night, you can find people dancing in the streets or enjoying drinks on one of the city’s beautiful rooftops.

      Cartagena is a great walking town with an excellent nightlife scene. The best part is that everything is close to each other which makes accessing the nightlife very easy.


      ❌ Reasons Why People NOT Enjoy Cartagena Nightlife

      While Cartagena definitely has a lot to offer, not everyone enjoys the city’s nightlife. For some travelers, there are several downsides to consider before heading out for a night on the town.

      For starters, many of the clubs and bars in Cartagena can be quite expensive. Prices for drinks and snacks may be higher than in other richest cities, and tourists can often be taken advantage of due to their unfamiliarity with the area.

      Additionally, many clubs cater only to foreigners, making it difficult for locals to enjoy the nightlife scene without feeling out of place. This lack of integration between tourists and locals can lead to an artificial atmosphere that doesn’t showcase the true flavor of Cartagena.

      Some travelers may find the nightlife scene in Cartagena to be unsatisfying and that it leans more towards tourist traps.


      Outfits for Cartagena Nightlife

      Are you looking for any suggestions for what to wear when going out in Cartagena? While Colombians tend to dress up, the city has a more relaxed atmosphere due to its touristy and tropical environment.

      The majority of bars on the list of best bars in Cartagena are casual and have a relaxed dress code. Men can wear shorts, sandals, or tennis shoes to most of these places.

      However, the nightclubs on the list have a more rigorous dress code, and men cannot enter wearing shorts, sandals, or tennis shoes. Moreover, it’s worth noting that locals generally dress up a bit when going out.

      It is unlikely to make a difference whether or not you try to avoid looking like a tourist because you will probably still look like one. Once you begin speaking, it will become clear that you are a tourist.

      If you want to blend in with the locals when going out, bring some dressier outfits. Here are some outfit suggestions for both girls and guys that would be appropriate in Cartagena.

      🧳 I checking out my complete packing list for Cartagena here.

      Women’s Outfits

      In Cartagena, Colombian women dress to impress and aren’t hesitant to show some skin! You can do the same without any problem.

      Also, a casual look is acceptable for women at clubs in Cartagena. Bright colors and floral prints are great during the day, but at night and in clubs, darker colors also work well.

      • You can match this lovely buttoned skirt with a strapless top to achieve a relaxed style.
      • I think this spaghetti strap dress is perfect for going dancing. It’s so cute!
      • Although this floral print maxi dress appears more formal, it still complements the Caribbean vibes of Cartagena.
      • If you would like to wear something revealing, this outfit consisting of a crop top and skirt would be suitable for Cartagena.
      • This straw purse is versatile enough to be carried to the club as well as to the beach.

      Men’s Outfits

      It is common for Colombian men to wear button-up shirts when going out, while jeans are acceptable except in the most upscale establishments. At most clubs in Cartagena, polos and plain, solid-colored dress tees are also acceptable attire.

      Linen is a good option in Cartagena because it matches the local style and is suitable for hot weather. However, it’s important for men to wear appropriate shoes and pants when going to nightclubs in Cartagena. Nonetheless, sandals or tennis shoes with shorts are usually acceptable attire at bars in Cartagena.

      • In my opinion, if you’re looking for comfort and style in the Caribbean, I would recommend getting a nice guayabera shirt made of linen instead of a regular button-up.
      • You can opt for a relaxed style by choosing either the linen shirt with short sleeved linen shirt or the shortsleeved guayabera.
      • If you’d like to wear something more formal than jeans, consider getting some linen pants.
      • I would recommend wearing Rockports shoes as they are suitable for both a night out at the club and comfortable enough to walk around the town. They are the perfect fit for traveling.

      cartagena nightlife

      Where to Stay in Cartagena?

      Cartagena is a beautiful Caribbean beach city with a vibrant nightlife, stunning Caribbean beaches, and historic sites to explore.

      With so many different neighborhoods it can be difficult to determine the best place to stay during your solo trip.

      Whether you’re looking for glamping spots, hostels, hotels, beach resorts or all-inclusive stays–you’re sure to find just the right place in Cartagena.

      cartagena nightlife

      FQAs to Enjoy Cartagena Nightlife

      Does Cartagena have Good Nightlife?

      There are a variety of options for nightlife in Cartagena, including house music, salsa dancing, champeta music, rooftop bars with great views, craft cocktails, and more casual beer-drinking spots.

      Which City has the Best Nightlife in Colombia?

      According to The Guardian, Bogota is the top destination in Colombia and Latin America for enjoying nightlife. Zona Rosa/Zona T is the main area with various bars and nightclubs.

      One of the most popular spots for nightlife in Bogota is Armando Records.

      What City is Better Medellin or Cartagena?

      Medellin’s downtown area is not very safe, particularly during the night. However, travelers usually don’t experience any issues in other best areas like El Poblado and Laureles.

      Comparatively, Cartagena is more dangerous than Medellin as the locals are generally poorer and rely heavily on tourism for their livelihood.

      Which is Better Bogota or Cartagena?

      If you’re trying to decide which city is more beautiful, it depends on your preferences. For those who want to see picturesque colonial architecture and stunning beaches, Cartagena is the ideal destination.

      However, if you prefer a contemporary atmosphere with impressive skyscrapers and expansive parks, then Bogota may be more your style.

      Why is Cartagena so Popular?

      Cartagena is famous worldwide for its colorful walled city, extensive fortifications, authentic food, and stunning white-sand beaches.

      Is It Expensive in Cartagena Colombia?

      It’s important to keep in mind that the cost of living on the Caribbean coast of Colombia is typically higher compared to other regions of the country.

      Additionally, among the cities on the Caribbean coast, Cartagena is usually the most expensive.

      What is the Drinking Age in Colombia?

      In order to drink alcoholic beverage, you have to be 18 years old in Colombia. Here is all you need to know about the drinking age in Colombia.

      Mercado Bazurto Tour

      Embark on a tantalizing journey through the flavors of Colombian cuisine. Discover the true essence of its culinary delights.

      Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in a culinary adventure at the vibrant Mercado Bazurto.

      How Many Days Should I Spend in Cartagena?

      You should spent at least 4 nights / 3 days in Cartagena. And you should absolutely not miss visiting the Bazurto Market!
      24 Hours in Cartagena
      48 Hours in Cartagena
      4 Days in Cartagena Itinerary
      One Week in Cartagena

      Other Day Trips from Cartagena:

      – Visit the Mercado Bazurto when in Cartagena. Or opt for a delicious Food tour.
      – Visit the beautiful Rosario Islands, or the Rincon del Mar fish town or Isla Tierra Bomba.
      – Don’t miss out on visiting the still existing Jurassic Park aka Tayrona National Park
      – History lover? Pay a visit to the stunning town of Palenque, or visit the museums the city has to offer, such as the magnificent Emeralds and the historical Cartagena Fort!
      – Bird lover? Combine a visit to Rosario Island with the Aviary of Colombia!
      – Combine a tour to the Mud Volcano and the visit to the Pink Sea of Colombia
      – Choose one of the best 7 Highest Rated Colombia Cartagena Island Tours
      – Exploring Cartagena in a local way: the Chiva bus!
      Don’t forget about the most stunning Catamaran Tour in Cartagena. Or just get yourself a Sunset tour.
      – Get ready to be spellbound! Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the breathtaking beauty of the Rainbow River, also known as Cano Cristales, in Colombia.
      – Join one of the FREE Walking Tour of Cartagena or join a bike tour of the city
      – Enhance your culinary skills by participating in a Cooking Class that brings the experience of gourmet cooking right to your home.

      cartagena nightlife

      Wrap-Up: Best Rooftops, Clubs & Bars for Enjoying Cartagena Nightlife

      Here is an in-depth guide to Cartagena nightlife. It includes tips on how to enjoy the night scene, as well as some suggestions for the best bars, rooftops bars and nightclubs in the city.

      Whether you prefer a casual drink at Caponera, a cigar at Ron y Tabaco, dancing at Mister Babilla, or classic salsa at Café Havana, there is something on this list for everyone.

      I hope you found this guide helpful for enjoying a night, or multiple nights, out in Cartagena during your stay! Cheers and have fun!

      Cartagena Colombia Travel Planning Guide

      🚑 Should I buy Colombia travel insurance?
      100% YES! — With basic coverage averaging just $50 for your stay, enjoy peace of mind with a plan from Travel SafetyWing, one of the biggest names in travel insurance. (Read more)

      🚰 Is it safe to drink water in Colombia?
      Yes! — It is indeed safe to drink tap water in Colombia. Not in all areas but people usually do not get sick and prevent it by using the Water-To-Go filtered bottle. (Read more)

      🚗 Is it safe to rent a car in Cartagena?
      Yes — Renting a car in Colombia is one of the best ways to see the country because public transportation cannot reach everywhere! I always rent with Discover Cars, which checks both international companies and local Colombian companies, so you get the best rates. (Read more)

      🚤 Interested in renting a boat in Cartagena?
      Here you Go! — Looking for a relaxing way to explore the pristine marine reef of Colombia? Why not rent a boat and see the islands at your own pace? No need to worry about others cramping your style! (Read more)

      ☀️ When is the best time to travel to Cartagena?
      Cartagena is enjoyable throughout the year, but November to March is typically the best time to visit. (Read more)
      Visit Cartagena Colombia in JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovember, or December!

      🎒 Is it safe to travel to Cartagena?
      Absolutely yes!
       —I am going to reveal all the secret tips that no one tells you about safety in Colombia! (Read more)

      👀 Looking for the best tours in Cartagena?
      For the best tours in Cartagena Colombia, click here.

      🫶🏽 Is Cartagena worth visiting?
      Of course!
      Here I am going to reveal all the reasons why I think Cartagena is worth adding to your itinerary! (Read more)

      🤑 Is Colombia expensive?
      Nope! Colombia, compared to the rest of the world, is not expensive.

      📴 Will my phone work in Cartagena?
      Maybe — It depends on your company, so check with your provider. If you don’t have a free Colombia service, buy a Claro SIM Card once landed in Colombia. (Read more)

      🛌🏼 What’s the best way to book my Colombia accommodations?
      For Colombia hotels, Booking is the best site, but for hostels, use Hostel World. If you’re considering Colombia Flats, don’t forget to also check Couchsurfing, which is free and you stay with locals.

      🍴The best restaurants in Cartagena?
      Are you curious about the best restaurants in the Walled City of Cartagena? Head here!

      🧳 What do I pack for Cartagena?
      Head to the Ultimate Cartagena Packing List to get all the info you need on packing for Colombia and also on what not to wear.

      🛩️ What’s the best site to buy Colombia flights?
      For finding cheap Colombian flights, I recommend Kayak.

      🛂 Do I need a visa for Colombia?
      Likely Not — U.S., Canadian, and most European Passport holders don’t need a visa for Colombia. BUT check here for more Cartagena, Colombia travel requirements. The majority of travelers will receive a 90-Day stamp Tourist Visa upon arrival. (Read more Colombia Travel Tips)
      ❗Don’t forget to fill up the Mig Form when you enter and leave Colombia❗